Wedding Information



Every wedding is unique, and every couple is unique. And I want more than anything for your wedding photos to feel authentic and perfect for you. Yet I know you haven’t done this before! No worries, I’ll help you through every step with questions, questionnaires, suggestions and ideas, and discussions about what makes sense for you. You’ll never hear me say that you have do have a First Look or asking for your timeline the week of your wedding. I’m part of the process, helping along the way to make it your own; and toward the end I’ll schedule a final meeting with you to finalize the details and coverage. So when you get to your wedding day, you can be completely present knowing all of the details of your photography memories are in great hands.


I’ve been called hyper-organized, which means you don’t have to be! I’ll create a customized Wedding Day Shooting Plan : a multi-page document that includes your style, requests and schedule to guide all of the photography for your wedding day. And the best part is, you never even see it. The plan, which has been developed based on our conversations, is in the capable hands of your professional photographers. We will ensure your photography is personal and meaningful to you, and nothing gets missed.

Our Wedding Day Shooting Plan includes:

  • Your style and preferences

  • Your requested family and wedding party photos

  • your wedding day schedule

  • any special requests such as sentimental or handmade details

  • any special people or group photos


Ah yes digital files. You definitely want them and need them within two months of your wedding. But how will you share them in years to come? I firmly believe that photos become more valuable over time. People change, life changes, and those wedding photos are sometimes the last time everyone was altogether. How will you enjoy these photos in the future? Wall Artwork and Albums! You’ll smile when you see your wedding photos on your walls after a tough day at work, you’ll love seeing your wedding photos proudly displayed when you visit family, and you’ll enjoy sharing your wedding and engagement albums with friends and family for many years to come. These moments of reliving and sharing your beautiful memories will fill your heart with love every time.