Family Styling Inspirations

Wardrobe styling can be a very easy recipe! My recommendation is to choose one primary color plus one pop color, and combine them as you’d combine colors in room decor. You can also add a neutral third color, such as a gray or tan. Use different textures and patterns to bring out different personalities. Et voila, you’ll look great!

Generally stay away from black and white as your primary colors, and also avoid bold patterns or prints. Keep in mind that we’re not photographing clothes, we’re photographing people, so the clothes should not overpower the photos.

Check out some inspiration below varying between bold colors and neutrals, more matching and less matching. See what resonates with you and then start combining. I recommend laying out all of your family’s outfits on a bed to see how it works together.

Take your time deciding. These photos will live on for years, so be sure that the styling works for all of you. Feel free to reach out by email, text, or phone to ask any questions, or I’m happy to stop by and help!