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Words cannot describe this incredibly special time in your family. The love you feel for your child and the joy your child brings to your life are beyond description. Having a child is truly one of life's most amazing experiences. The maternity time is filled with anticipation, preparation and celebration, and the last time it’s just you two. The first 3-4 weeks with a newborn are about the most intimate, quiet, and beautiful moments away from your hectic life that you've ever had. And with your new baby practically tripling in size before even starting to walk, you just want to savor every single precious moment. Have photos that you’ll cherish forever. With all of the emotions, experiences and expressions that define this time of your life before it moves on.

We just received the album. It’s amazing. Laura and I are always blown away at the great work that you do.

We will treasure Abby’s baby album
— Rob, Dad

Why Fine Art Wall Portraits? Because we believe in the beauty that great photography brings to your life and to your families for many years to come. Life is unfolding before our eyes and it will all be gone in an instant. This is the time to celebrate your love together by displaying beautiful prints on your wall and sharing them with your families to savor these sweet memories forever.

Our full service process includes a complimentary session design consultation to create the fine art photography you’ll love forever. We’ll discuss your style and personalities, wardrobe and styling, as well as how you will want to display and share your photos. Whatever your style, we’ll create gorgeous portraits you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.



At your house. We'll use the baby’s room, your bedroom, and/or any other room with great window light.


What timing? 

Many of the cutest newborn photos are when the baby is sleeping because awake photos usually come with arms and legs moving everywhere! So let’s time the session so that the baby is already sleeping when I arrive. Then later in the session, we should have the opportunity to get some of those pretty eyes open too.


What to wear? 

Naked and diaper baby photos are great. Any outfit you like works too, but keep clothing changes to a minimum as they can be stressful on the baby. I typically recommend that adults wear something comparable to the baby when in the photos together. So nude or semi-nude together, all dressed up together, etc. All clothing should be simple and quiet to keep the focus on you and your beautiful new baby.


Other considerations?

For naked baby photos, chances of pee and poop are high! So keep old towels handy to cover the floor, and use blankets that can be washed easily. Also you’ll want to turn the house heat up to keep the baby cozy while unclothed.

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