Christina Kiffney Photography



These are by far the best family photos that we’ve ever had. You really captured a wide variety of poses, expressions, and emotions; incredible. And the light and location was amazing for a backdrop! The blossoms and dappled sunlight is so gorgeous. Thank you thank you!
— - Melissa, mom

Fine Art Photography for Modern Families

Why Fine Art Wall Portraits? Because we believe in the beauty that great photography brings to your life and to your families for many years to come. Life is unfolding before our eyes and it will all be gone in an instant - the kids are growing, our parents are getting older or passing, and we're certainly not getting any younger! This is the time to celebrate your love together by displaying beautiful prints on your wall and sharing them with your families to savor these sweet memories forever.

Our full service process includes a complimentary session design consultation to create the fine art photography you’ll love forever. We’ll discuss your style and personalities, potential locations, wardrobe and styling, as well as how you will want to display and share your photos. Whatever your style, we’ll create epic portraits you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

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