Colorado's Annual Title Nine Mother’s Day Race

I’ve been photographing the Title Nine Mother’s Day Race every year for the last twelve years (except for one - the year my daughter was born on Mother’s Day!). And this was by far the worst weather we have ever seen. Cold, snowing, gray, white out. Weather that makes you pull the covers over your head when you’re alarm goes off at 5:30am on a Sunday morning ~ and Mother’s Day even. However, people still showed up! And they were smiling! I definitely would not have run it if I was signed up, but I loved photographing all of these crazy women (and kids! and their spectator families!) who clearly love a good adventure. Congratulations to all of you who knew that this would be an adventure, that it would make a good story, that you would be proud of yourselves for making it through, and for smiling all the way!