Bella and Polly's Children's Birthday Party


There is nothing quite like a little kid's birthday party! The kids are so cute, like SO cute. They're learning what it means to have a celebration, to have friends together and a special day. Things we take for granted with the adult-I-hate-birthdays-groan, they see with such wonder and excitement. Yes, ok, there is all that sugar that leads to the inevitable melt downs, but the sweetness of moment is just precious. Even the sweetness of the little one being overwhelmed with it all. These are the days we hold onto with a big hug and a big laugh.

Mother and Daughter in the Boulder, Colorado foothills

These two! Words cannot even express the sweetness between this mom and her girl. You just want to jump inside their hug and be a part of it!

A Classy, Elegant Wedding at Boulder County Club

I believe in my heart that everyone should be loved as much as these two love each

other. The way they respect and value each other, without judgement or expectations, is

truly inspiring. And besides that, they’re fun! They like to have a good time, they love their

friends, they’re great to be around. Such a GORGEOUS couple and a gorgeous wedding.

I absolutely loved this wedding and these people, and I hope that I get to photograph their

lives long into the future.

Cousin time in Virginia

While many people think my daughter would be the most photographed kid on the planet, the opposites is actually true. When I spend time with her, I’m eager to put my camera down and snuggle, play and laugh with my little pumpkin. So I have to find moments where I can fit her into my busy photography schedule, when she’s there and I already have my camera at the ready. Visiting and photographing her cousins (and their parents) in Virginia is the perfect excuse to get photos of my sweet girl, and I love the relationship she has with her cousins even though they live so far away. The photo of the four of them exploring through the forest brings back so many great memories of exploring the woods behind our house in upstate New York. There was never any shortage of weird bugs to freak about, cool sticks to imagine with, or large logs to climb on. Such perfect childhood moments!